I am currently studying simultaneously two University Degrees: Mathematics and Computer Science at the University of Seville. I am in my third year.

Up to now, my grades have been outstanding and I have even received eight Honors Degrees for different subjects in less than three years. This mention is given to, at most, 5% of the students.

During the last years, I have attended a course on machine learning conducted by University professors to a small group of selected students who excelled the previous year.

Sixth Form

I studied Sixth Form during 2016-17 and 2017-18 academic courses in Santa Ana School (Seville). Both years I achieved the maximum grade for every single subject (10/10) and, consequently, Sixth Form’s Honour Mention, given to a maximum number of 5% of the students.

Experience abroad

I studied in the UK for two terms: one term in 2014 and another term in 2015, at St Leonard’s Catholic School in Durham. In both years I excelled and I had very high grades, particularly in Mathematics and Computer Science (A* and A grades, respectively).

In 2022 I am going to Study at the University of Sydney (Australia) thanks to an Erasmus-like grant

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